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Our firm has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and their growing businesses.

From our extensive experience, we have developed a proven process to improve enterprise efficiency and increase sales, profitability, and business valuation.

The process is outlined below in four steps. The pace of implementation and our level of involvement are determined by the client. Plans are tailored to our clientís unique needs: we identify cost effective solutions appropriate for the clientís present level of business while enabling future growth. We think out ahead of our clients needs based upon our industry specific experience.

Our professionals take great pride in giving personal service far beyond the expected. Whether we provide application training, fundamental weekly bookkeeping, strategic planning, or assist in acquiring critical working capital, we are dedicated to assisting in turning entrepreneurial vision into reality.

We help get your bookkeeping, office and business processes organized. It starts with an assessment of our company. We listen to your present business development issues and work with you to gain an understanding of near term and future growth expectations.

The foundation of any successful enterprise is getting timely and accurate information.
To meet this goal, we assess your business, tailor and design the application to meet your industry- and company-specific needs and provide personalized training. Designing a system includes creating customized reports that will provide you with the critical information to make timely decisions and to establish budgets for future growth and profitability. By utilizing our personalized accounting systems, our clients have made sound financial decisions and experienced consistent success.

Our professionals are certified consultants for the most popular accounting programs (Quickbooks, Peachtree, Oracle Small Business, MYOB). Our bookkeepers are also experienced in the practical and proven methods to simply you office procedures and filing systems.

We keep your bookkeeping and tax reporting up to date. We establish routines which create a discipline required for business success.

Our bookkeeping staff is available on weekly or monthly schedules to maintain specific critical functions of your office and record keeping. We make your life easier as an entrepreneur by allowing you to focus on those functions that generate new business and build upon existing client relationships. Our bookkeeping costs have been proven to be more than offset by increased sales and decreased year end tax return preparation time and costs.

Our professionals are not on your payroll and are available only on an as needed basis. We are not a temporary placement agency. We emphasize staff continuity to you organization with the knowledge that all of our professionals are supervised by our experienced Certified Public Accounting staff.

Everyone benefits from a second opinion. Our goal is not to eliminate or replace existing in house employees or outside accounting professionals. We are dedicated to supporting their efforts with timely and will-informed responses. We also offer interim process review services where an experienced accounting professional can review in-house data entry for accuracy. Reviews can be performed on-site or many of our clients simply choose to forward a backup file by e-mail.

We help you to establish and implement a plan to increase profitability and business valuation. Every entrepreneur has a vision for his or her company. Our firm helps bring this into focus with the budgeting process. We use the critical information obtained in steps 1 and 2 to develop a realistic budget for the company.

We help to define and refine your vision. Many of our clients have become leaders in their individual industries, achieving financial results and business valuations beyond those they envisioned when the business started up.

We take time to understand your business, your market, your competition and your opportunities. We work closely with you in the financial budgeting process to establish a marketing strategy to cost effectively reach your target markets and to open new channels for product and service distribution. Our consultants have a diverse, practical experience and include many who have started, built, and sold very successful enterprises.

We assist in establishing focus, priorities and a time line to achieve specific benchmark financial goals. You canít get from Boston to San Francisco without a road map. We help you to establish your travel plan to your objective.

We help you to raise critical working capital to grow your business or help you to get a higher than industry normal valuation when and if you decide to sell.

We understand that opportunities can present themselves quickly and can disappear just as quickly. We do not believe in high leverage or borrowing. There are times, however, that it is prudent to raise the capital to quickly seize the moment.

We have a network of lenders and venture capital firms that look for selected entrepreneurs with vision. Your success is the only goal. Outside capital resources may help you achieve more than could be accomplished out of current operating cash flow.

We have a proven track record of assisting our clients in raising critical funding resources. Our experience with your company and with the types of information requested by financing institutions enables us to assist in coordinating capital acquisition projects. We develop business plans, identify financing sources, and present management with a detailed funding report.

   :: Our Process

The process is outlined below in four steps.